Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family is Forever

As I was driving home, as in Fairview home, it slightly dawned on me that my days with my family are limited. Now, I don't mean to say limited as in I'm going to die soon (Well, I hope not at least) but limited in the fact that the things in and around my family aren't going to be the same today as they were yesterday.  I have realized since I went to college that even though I'm an hour and a half away, life still goes on here at the homestead.  Nevertheless, I guess I am going on and doing things on my own as well, it's just weird that I'm not as connected as I used to be.

Last semester, I really liked being able to come home. I counted down the days until I could get the heck out of Stilly and I always dreaded leaving to go back on Sundays. I had a lot of my friends, in high school and in college, that didn't really agree with me visiting home so often.  They would tell me I needed to branch out, break away, only visit two or three times a semester, or not go home at all.  At times, they really got to me.  I was so afraid that people would view me as "stuck in high school", a "homebody", or "unable to let go of the past".  I cared so much what people thought about me that it tore me down.  I would feel ashamed for wanting to go home and seeing the people I loved and missed the most.

It wasn't until the end of the semester that it really hit me:  It's my life, why am I letting others define it?  I decided to let go of what others were saying about me and live my life the way God intended me to live it.  I prayed about it so much that I think God was saying, "Paige, I've already figured this out...why can't you see it too?"  I did see it though, it just took me a little longer than I would have liked it to.  I decided that I wasn't going to let what others had to say get to me.  I was coming home and seeing my friends and family becauseit was what I wanted to do.  How could I not miss people who were such a big part of my life?  Picking up all of my belongings, relationships, and living in a whole new world and lifestyle was extremely hard for me.

So yes, I am home this weekend. For all of you people out there that think that's ridiculous, how about you quit worrying about others and worry about yourself.  Everyone grows and develops differently. Some students don't come home because they don't have a strong relationship with their families, don't want to deal with what comes along with the visit, or because they have decided to leave their families out of their "new" life.  For me, family is everything. Since I have a sister still in high school, parents who are very involved in the community, as well as my grandparents living in the same town, it's important for me to visit and stay in touch with them.  By saying that, I hope to get across that everyone deals with situations differently and it's not right of someone to judge another.

I'm excited about my life and where God is going to put me.  I do know though that my family will play a huge part in my life.  No matter how busy I become or what comes up in my life, I will never forget my family.  As I've learned through life, friends and boys come and go, but family is always forever.  Whatever the circumstance, my family will stick by me through thick and thin.  I am so thankful for them and I try to tell them often I love them.  I'm fine with coming home and visiting because it's something important to my future success.  So I'm simply living my life the way God and I have intended it and am not letting others get to me, no matter how hard they try.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is What Dreams Are Made of...

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, and determination.  Remember all things are possible for those who believe."

If you read that quote closely, you'll see how much truth that it holds.  Keeping your dreams alive and important is so critical if you hope to achieve them.  Sometimes it's hard to have goals or dreams and stick to them because it's easy to get lost along the journey and see those dreams die out.

No one ever wants to see a person's dream fade away, but unfortunately, it happens each and everyday to someone around the world.  They lose hope in something they had their heart set on and give up.  With all the dreams and goals I have set for myself, it's hard to imagine not achieving some of them.  I know as well though that at any given moment, anything can happen and my plans could get pulled out from under me.  I think the best way to ensure that your dreams and goals are achieved are exactly as the quote said, by believing in yourself, working extremely hard, and having a deep determination to accomplishing what you truly want.

I know that when I played basketball in high school, we always made goals for ourselves as a team.  We would write down what we wanted to accomplish or win and keep those goals posted so that we were reminded of them every day.  Sometimes, things didn't go as we had planned and hoped, but we pushed forward and did our very best.  My senior year was a rough year because we had a player down and we were extremely close to going to the place every basketball player dreams of:  The Big House.  Losing my last game was one of the hardest things I've come to face, but even though I failed to reach one of my goals, it wasn't going to stop me from dreaming up even more goals I could try to accomplish.

My sister is now a sophomore and she is on the same team as I played on last year. At the beginning of the season, everyone knew that they were going to make it to the Big House and have a high possibility of winning the gold ball. Unfortunately, they have also encountered some serious hardships this season as well, but it's nothing that they can't overcome.  They all have a dream to go to the Big House and win that gold ball, but because they have had some bad luck, doesn't mean their dream is impossible.  I know that they want this bad enough that they won't give up.  Not only are they playing to win for themselves, but they are playing for their teammate who wishes more than anything, she was out there too.  I believe in my Lady Jackets with all my heart.  If they believe in themselves, in their dreams, and work hard everyday, they are going to get to that Big House and I'll be sitting in the stands when that announcer announces, "It's championship Saturday and you have made it to the Big House."

I know a lot of people that are dreaming big and hoping to achieve their goals.  Some have smaller dreams, such as receiving straight A's, graduating school, or getting over a fear, but some are dreaming bigger by wanting to explore the world, win a gold ball, or even make it on a hit TV show.  No matter how big, how small, how difficult, or how impossible a dream might seem, anything can happen and be accomplished by believing in the dream as well as yourself.  Nothing is impossible if you just believe.

So to my Lady J's as playoffs start soon (LJKA) and to my favorite group of boys that have a huge dream, good luck these upcoming weeks.  I believe in you and I know that you all can do it! I'll definitely be praying for you. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

One of These Days..

Life is full of surprises. Some that are good and others you'd wish you could forget.  God has granted me a ton of blessings so far in this life. He's given me friends and family who love me, given me the privilege of going to college, and has placed a roof over my head so that I have a nice, warm place to live.  So why at times do I complain that I don't have everything I need? Isn't He enough?

A lot of times in life I find myself wanting more, whether it be more clothes, more money, more friends, or even on a more personal level, a man by my side.  Are those too much to ask for?  Well at times, I don't think they are, but in all actuality, they really don't matter at all. All we truly need in life is to accept Jesus as our Lord and make disciples.  We don't need all these material things such as clothes, money, or the nicest house or car. Those things aren't going to matter on the day we leave this earth and meet our Father in heaven.  All of those things will simply sit where we left them and rot away, get old, and become worthless.

I am definitely one of those people that like to have nice things and spend a lot of money on material things. But I also understand that in the long run, those things don't define who I am or what I'm going to do with my life. One thing I can't buy or control though, is the person that I fall in love with.  Now, I'm not one of those girls who thinks that having a man in my life will complete me, but I do get lonely at times. It's hard to understand that God has a plan for me and even though I have no clue who Mr. Right is for me, He does, and is going to make it happen.

Sometimes though, I'm worried that I am going to be alone for the rest of my life. I have seen and met so many beautiful women who are in their mid 20's and even late 30's who aren't in love and haven't been given the chance to start a family.  Even though they struggle with the fact that they have never been married or found a man to love them, they still have a positive outlook on their lives and know that God still has a plan for them, it's just taking their plan a little longer to get started.  After hearing their stories, I'm not so scared about someone never falling in love with me or never getting to start a family, it's God's plan, not mine.

One day though, I hope that God has a man planned out for me who will love me for me, who can be my best friend, and who will want to give me little children to call our own.  Being in college and seeing so many of my friends happy and many of them getting married, it's hard not to want the same thing.  I'm being a patient person and trying to follow my heart.  One day, I'll be blessed with a man that I can call my own and when that day comes, it won't be about me anymore, it'll be about us. Material things won't matter and owning the best of everything will be history.

I can't wait for the surprises that God has in my near future, but for now, He is enough for me. I'm trying to stay positive and live life to the fullest, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Tell people you love them, give your family hugs, and say the things you need to say, because tomorrow might just be too late.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow...

Oh, what a beautiful day it is here in Stillwater, Oklahoma...well, sort of.  It's been snowing for well over 12 hours now.  Usually snow is beautiful, but today, it isn't what I'd call an idealistic snowfall. 

Since school was cancelled today, some girls came over last night and we had quite the sleepover in our living room.  We ate too much, watched movies, and of course, carried on several conversations, some very girly, I'll admit it.  Recently, they decided to trek back across campus to their dorms. They soon figured out that that wasn't the smartest idea they've ever had. They videoed themselves walking back and there was a lot of screaming and crying involved. I felt really bad that they had to endure the harsh conditions, but they were determined to make it back!

I love snow days, but come, oh, two o'clock in the afternoon, being cooped up in a dorm room gets extremely boring.  Being the bright college students that me and my roomates are, we didn't prepare for the storm by buying board games, cards, or renting movies, but instead, we bought junk food.  I will say though that the main reason we didn't go buy things to entertain us was because for some odd reason, the entire country decided to freak out over snow and bought the stores out of everything.  A bit ridiculous don't you think people? Unfortunately, we are slowly realizing that the junk food was a BAD idea and that we should have been more creative in thinking of different things to do on a nasty, cold, snowy day.

Here are some pictures that I took out of my window this morning when I woke up.  We were all really surprised at how much snow actually had come over the course of the evening.  Usually those news men like to exagerate the truth a bit.  In all, we're now anxiously awaiting to see if the university will be closing campus again tomorrow... Until then, my computer shall be my saving grace.

It's a winter wonderland!!