Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Believing in Something Bigger..

To my girls who have been reaching their goals and making great things happen, this blog is for you...

You all sure have been making a run for it.  Not only have you made it farther than anyone expected you to, but you've made it to the big enchilada... the STATE TOURNAMENT.  I'm happy for you all because last year we made it so close but fell short. I knew that it would be hard to watch you all play for something we all wanted so bad last year, but now it is your chance to shine bright. This means so much to me because I wanted it so bad last year for us, but now I want nothing more for you all to get it this year.  I know that you girls can do it if you just believe in yourselves and play harder than you ever have before.  Playing in the Big House is something so special and it is every Oklahoma high school basketball player's dream. This has been your goal from the moment you started practicing, so go get it. There is no one team that can stop you if you play your game.  Anyone can be beat on any given night, in any given gym (cough Pawnee at SNU cough)  I wish only the best for you girls and can't wait until Thursday to watch you beat some Pawnee butt.  Believe in yourselves, trust in each other, and just go have fun.  Don't forget to enjoy it while it lasts and prove all those people who think you can't do it wrong! If you want to hear..."It's Championship Saturday and you've made it to the Big House," bad enough, you'll go do whatever it takes to win that beautiful Gold Ball!! Do it to it ladies!! :)

Make Grandma Paige proud and go win it all. Not only am I writing you all your own personal blog, but I'll be supplying you with my game day text on Thursday so no worries there! ;) I'm your biggest fan and don't doubt for a second I won't be yelling at you from the stands. I love you all so much and wish you the best of luck on your quest for that Gold Ball.

LJKA! :)